Welcome to Alaska Awalim

Traditional Middle Eastern dance performance and instruction.

Alaska Awalim was established in 2005 as a school of Middle Eastern dance, culture and music with the end goal of creating a community of artists dedicated to sharing the beauty and traditions of Middle Eastern art with the Fairbanks community. We have presented many student recital performances, and were finally able to present our first troupe performance in 2010. The following year, we hosted guest artists Brothers of the Baladi who came to Fairbanks to work with local dance leaders in a featured concert, as well as to offer workshops in Middle Eastern music. We hosted Artemis Mourat in 2012, and we are looking forward to our workshop with the fabulous Ranya Renee, August 29-September 1 of 2014 (register here!)

Director Lara Lotze teaches classes throughout the year downtown at Elbow Room Studio, and at UAF as well.

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